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We offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore anything in your life across a wide range of issues and feelings that may be troubling you.

Connected Counselling is about making a connection, helping you to make a start on addressing the issues that may be affecting your quality of life. I specialise in particular in trauma counselling, sports psychotherapy, alongside providing psychotherapy and counselling across general mental health issues. Located in Shropshire means I can also provide services for the rural community, where sometimes accessing support can be more difficult. However, I provide psychotherapy in Shropshire for a wide range of clients across the local area, at all stages of life, and with all kinds of problems.


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Struggling to make sense of things or finding it difficult to cope from past traumas or current struggles?

Feeling stuck and can't find a way to get through?

Through working together you can gain a new perspective, build understanding and acceptance and alleviate life's pressures.  If you feel you are ready to work together and explore your feelings and concerns, please complete the contact form here.

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How does counselling help?

Counselling provides a space for you to work through and explore thoughts, problem and issues. It can help you to gain insight and a see a different perspective. Each therapy session is client focused, meaning that it's aimed around your needs and working with you, to find the best approach for you. It can help to increase your self-awareness, build your confidence, and regain balance in your life. It can also work to build mental and emotional resilience, as well as improve your self-motivation.

Based in Newport, I cover the local area including Shropshire and Staffordshire, making counselling accessible to all, including those in the rural communities.

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I'm aware that it's a huge step to even reach out for counselling, and finding the right counsellor for you is really important. Counselling is a form of therapy that works through talking. It is a journey, where we can talk through any problems or troubling thoughts that you might have. Together we can consider how to work through your problems in a confidential and respectful way. It's important to remember that counselling is not an easy option.

With this in mind, why not arrange a free 20-minute call or online chat to see if my approach works for you?

You can also arrange a call back by emailing me via

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Trauma counselling and sports psychotherapy specialist

My first role is to provide the safe and confidential environment that allows you to feel heard and supported as you process your thoughts, feelings and experiences. I am a highly skilled, accredited counsellor providing psychotherapy and counselling in Shropshire, with the skills and mindset to help you share issues and experiences that may be affecting you in a negative way.

I have experience working for both the NHS and private counselling agencies. I provide non-judgemental support to a wide range of people struggling with problems from self-criticism through to complex trauma.

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Finding the right counsellor for you

It is so important when you set out looking for a therapist that you find one who works well with you, and who you feel comfortable sharing your feelings and experiences with fully. With Connected Counselling, you can have a free 20-minute counselling call, where we can explore briefly some of the issues that may be affecting you, and talk with me to see if my counselling services are right for you.

To initiate this, complete the contact form or email me at

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Our initial session will take place over Zoom, MS Teams, WhatsApp, or telephone with no cost. If you then decide to progress with therapy, we will arrange a counselling sessions based on your needs.

Everyone's counselling experience will be different. That's why I offer short term and long term sessions, plus top up sessions as and when needed. We are all unique and have different requirements. With each client I offer a tailor-made experience, so that all possible individual needs can be catered for.

Each therapy sessions lasts 50 minutes, enabling you to explore your feelings and experiences in depth. The sessions work best when they are regular and frequent – weekly or fortnightly.

I have a client-centred approach to psychotherapy and counselling for clients across Shropshire and the UK. Contact me through the contact form or email to make that first step.











  Support and pure understanding...

I had never considered therapy before, feeling anxious about starting my sessions and wondering what my therapist would be like. I am so fortunate to have Lissa as my therapist who has ticked each and every one of my boxes when it came to reassurance, support and pure understanding and no judgement. S   |     |  

  Lissa has helped me to work through my issues rather than blocking them out...

Lissa has helped me to overcome the trauma that I had experienced throughout my childhood that had been eating away at me for many years. Lissa has helped me to work through my issues rather than blocking them out, which has helped me to come out of a dark time in my life. J   |     |  

  Lissa has helped me to work through my confidence issues and really come out of my shell as a rider....

Lissa has helped me to work through my confidence issues and really come out of my shell as a rider. This has had a really positive effect on my ability to compete, as the coping mechanisms that we worked on together helped to reduce my performance anxiety and nerves. P   |     |  

  I feel truly positive about my future....

I was sceptical when I first started counselling, but the positive impact from my sessions with Lissa has enabled me to put some significant changes in place. I feel truly positive about my future. I   |     |  

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What is counselling?

Counselling is there to help you explore and address emotional, and psychological issues that may be causing distress or negatively impacting quality of life.

My role as a counsellor is to provide a safe and confidential space for you to express your thoughts and feelings. We will then work together to identify goals, and help you develop strategies for positive change. Counselling can be effective in treating a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, eating disorders and addiction to name but a few.

What Is Counselling?






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You can find a safe and accepting approach to counselling right here. 

Contact, or complete the contact form to arrange specialist psychotherapy and counselling in Shropshire.

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